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Tex-Globe Sourcing engaged in manufacturing and export of garment and its accessories since last 5 years and a well known entity all
Besides that, since we owe other in-house facilities which support our manufacturing of garments helping us with the
supplies, such as machines, accessories, materials, etc. that are required in manufacturing of our products.

Our Capability

We are quite capable of providing all above listed items with maximum satisfaction in all areas, including quality of
goods, prices with a total capacity that reaches ONE HUNDRAD THOUSAND pieces per month. Our customers all
over the world recognize our products for its quality, uniformity and its competitive price, and they co-operate with us
in a consistent manner as well as develop together with us.

Our Progress

In over ONE decade, our company has developed rapidly and at the current moment more employees are working at
our factory sites. Which is located in the heart of DHAKA, and at the moment we stand a reputation as a company
that produces high quality garments for the Global Market with a very competitive price. In producing high quality
products, our company is supported by sophisticated technology and obviously helped by manpower who is experts
in their field.

Brands We Work On

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