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Welcome to my homepage!  My name is Richard Faulks, and I have a passion for art and fine jewelry.aquamarine engagement rings

You will find as you begin looking that this page is primarily about jewelry and specifically rings.  I have been interested in gemstones and rings for some time.

As you begin looking, please feel free to read my blogs – I have worked on making them interesting and educational without spending too much time on the minute details.  I leave that for the certified gemologists and jewelers.

Most of the jewelry that I focus on are rings and more specifically diamond rings.  I have had an interest in diamond rings, diamond engagement rings and wedding band sets for some time.  In fact, original and unique engagement rings are a particular passion of mine.

The more original and exotic the ring, the more interesting I personally find them.  It was only recently that the idea of a diamond became standard for engagements, so older, more traditional rings are especially dear and personal to me.

I firmly believe that behind every ring there is a story and if there is not a story, one should be made for it.  Allow diamonds to become heirlooms and treasures – eventually the stories written will make someone very happy in due time.